Tobacco Use Log

The Tobacco Use Log can help patients to identify activities or situations that trigger the desire to smoke or use other forms of tobacco. It is important for patients to understand these environmental cues so that they can develop coping strategies to overcome the temptation to use tobacco.

Clinicians can use this information to suggest alternative behaviors to increase the likelihood of a successful quit attempt. The log is most appropriate for patients who are preparing for a quit attempt, but it can be used with any patient who wants to learn more about his or her smoking behavior.

Instructions for use: The Tobacco Use Log is a piece of paper that is kept with the patient’s tobacco. It can be folded and wrapped around the cigarette pack or can of snuff with a rubber band. Alternatively, patients may keep the log in their wallet or day planner. It is important that the log be readily available at the times when the patient uses the tobacco. Through careful documentation of tobacco use over a period of several days, patient-specific tobacco usage patterns become evident.

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