Using a Quitline to Deliver Opt-Out Smoking Cessation for Cancer Patients

Anna E Notier, Polly Hager, Karen S Brown, Laura Petersen, Louise Bedard, Graham W Warren

Although smoking by patients with cancer and survivors causes adverse outcomes, many patients with cancer do not receive access to evidence-based tobacco use treatment. The purpose of this article is to report on delivery of tobacco use treatment to patients with cancer using a state-supported Quitline.

Conclusion: Using statewide resources to increase access to evidence-based smoking cessation assistance to patients with cancer is achievable. In an increasingly cost-conscious health care environment, collaborative initiatives that use or enhance existing resources should be considered and refined to deliver effective evidence-based care.

Resource Link:,became%20eligible%20for%20enrollment%20in%20the%20Quitline%20program

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